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Many criteria must be met for successful search engine optimization. Although not a direct criterion, one of the important measurements is domain authority. The DA score is a score given to the website between 0 to 100 and shows how competent and reliable the website is. The criterion considered for this score is backlink analysis. The DA score is a measurement made by Moz, an SEO tool, and is not an officially recognized measurement by Google. However, the strategies used to raise domain authority are the same as the strategies used to rank high in SERPs. Therefore, a high DA score means more visitor traffic. It is very important how the high domain authority score is determined, how this score is raised, and what should be considered, and it varies for each website. For this reason, it is most beneficial to work with an SEO agency to get fast and successful results. This article is intended to give you an idea about how to increase domain authority.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain authority is known as a website measurement and was created by Moz, one of the search engine optimization tools. The result of the measurement shows how authoritative the website is. The measurement is carried out by giving an analysis of the backlink profile of the website a score of 0 to 100. The analysis of backlink profiles considers factors such as the total number of backlinks and how high the quality of these links is. The higher the domain authority, the higher the quality of the relevant website. For this reason, the measurement features are important for the rankings in SERPs. That’s why it is important to learn how to increase domain authority.

Is it Important to Increase Domain Authority?

The increase in the domain authority score is very important because it gives an idea of where you are in the search engine results page among competitors. It is very important to increase domain authority to stand out from competitors. If a website does not have a high score, it means that the website is not competent and have good quality. Therefore, it becomes difficult to rank highly among competitors. However, Google does not rank according to the domain authority score, because it is not a measurement that is verified by Google. However, the factors that increase domain authority are the factors that make it easier to rank highly in SERPs. For this reason, it is easy for you to be perceived by Google as a better-quality website.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

DA measurement is made between 0 to 100 points, but it is not always correct to say bad to a poorly scored website. Moz, one of the search engine optimization tools, emphasizes that this measurement is comparative. Of course, although the rise of domain authority points to a quality website, not every low score is ranked below in SERPs. They can often rank highly on the results page. For example, a website’s DA measurement score of 30 may mean that it is low at first. Compared to other hundreds or thousands of websites, this score remains low, of course, but if it is high compared to its competitors, it ranks highly in SERPs. In extremely competitive areas, scores above 70 and 80’s are called good.

Is a Low Domain Authority Score Bad?

A low DA score is not always bad because what matters is what score you get compared to competitors. If you have received a low domain authority score compared to other websites, but this score is higher than your competitors, you are likely to be at the top of the search engine results page. The 30 DA score makes you stand out among competitors with 10 and 5 DA scores and is called “good.” For this reason, you should focus on getting a higher DA score than your competitors instead of getting a perfect DA score. The ideal goal in this respect is to increase domain authority score of your website more than that of your competitors.

How to Check Your Domain Authority?

There are many different SEO tools used to control domain authority. Of course, the most popular among these tools is the Moz Bar. With a simple membership to this measurement tool, it is possible to check your website’s DA score for free and get some basic information, such as the number of links. There are other tools besides this measurement tool, and to use these tools, all you have to do is enter the URL of the website in the relevant field. So you can also get other metrics like DA score, spam score, or ranking keywords. The results you get from these measurement tools can give you an idea of how to increase domain authority of your website.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

There are many strategies that can be followed to increase domain authority. Each strategy takes you to the top positions in the SERPs and helps you greatly increase your number of visitors. However, you should not forget that a high DA score is not always enough, and you should get a high score compared to your competitors. Below is a list of a few popular strategies you can use to increase your domain authority score.

1. Improve the off-page SEO of your website

One of the few simple strategies that can be used to increase domain authority is to develop off-page SEO. For this, you need to take care to get high-quality links from websites that have a higher score than your domain authority score. High-quality links alone are not enough, but you should also check out links from websites with high spam scores. Otherwise, domain authority will fall instead of rising. A thorough and regular backlink analysis both prevents your score from dropping and contributes to its rise.

2. Build high-quality backlinks

When it comes to domain authority, high-quality backlinks stand out. You need to create interesting content to get links to your content and thus increase domain authority. Unlike what is written in similar areas, detailed and versatile content will make it easier for you to get relevant links. If you have such content, you need to promote it through your social media channels or your email list. This method makes it easier for you to reach a wider audience for your comprehensive content. As an option, you can contact the websites you want to link to and request that they link to you. These methods are the most ideal and safe methods to create high-quality backlinks.

3. Get listed in directories

If you are looking for a method that is low in cost but big in effect, you can use the method of listing in directories. This method is one of the effective methods that can be used to increase domain authority, but it will be important to choose high-quality directories. Otherwise, the DA score may decline rather than rise. Directories will give you a better understanding of the areas you serve with Google.

4. Choose keywords according to DA

One of the main factors that gives you competitiveness and increases domain authority is choosing keywords according to DA. The ideal is that you choose words that are either lower or equal to the DA score of the difficulty score of the keywords. It would be beneficial to use keywords with low competition points to drive traffic to your website and rank at the top of the SERPs.

5. Pay attention to Google’s guidelines

Domain authority is not an official ranking factor recognized by Google, but it is still important. Backlinks, in particular, are important in determining where to rank on your search engine results page. Therefore, organizing and improving your website will also increase your DA score.

6. Reduce low-quality backlinks

It is indisputable how important backlinks are, but high-quality backlinks alone are not enough. In addition, low-quality ones should be reduced or prevented. A link from a competent and reliable website is often referred to as high quality. Links from spammy websites are called low-quality. You just need to use an SEO tool to block these links. Low-quality backlinks, either manually or automatically rejected by Google, will increase domain authority.

7. Create link-worthy content

To get high-quality backlinks from competent and reliable websites, you need to create content that is worth it. The more comprehensive the content you produce and the more relevant the area of your website, the more likely you are to get links. It will also be useful to announce your content to a wider audience or to contact the website you want to link directly to. At this point, it is also recommended to check the spam score of the website you want to link to; otherwise, the domain authority may decline rather than rise.

8. Create an internal link structure

One of the important factors for on-page ranking is internal links. A certain number of internal links make it easy for users to navigate different pages on the website. Although internal links are useful, having a certain number above can have a negative effect. For this reason, working with a content agency for the best results is one of the most ideal methods to increase domain authority. This type of agency will help you keep the number of internal links at an optimal level and meet other criteria for increasing the DA score.

Selen Cetin

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