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Youtube is a powerful and popular social media platform, and using this platform effectively is quite advantageous. There are many strategies that can be followed to create ideal content, grow YouTube channel, and get that channel to the right audience. Among these strategies, it is very diverse, such as producing regular content, choosing the right niche, interacting with audiences, or running a campaign.

Each strategy is an effective step to grow YouTube channel, and each has the power to increase views at a certain rate. Since Google creates a certain part of the search result page on YouTube, it is very important to stand out on this platform and grow YouTube channel. You can implement these strategies yourself, as well as work with a social media agency for more effective results.

How to Grow YouTube Channel?

One of the most important things for those who are new to the YouTube platform or have been working for a while is to grow YouTube channel. In order to grow YouTube channel, it is necessary to reach the right audience and increase views. The number of subscribers is a factor that mediates your ability to reach a wider audience. There are some strategies you can implement to both get the interaction you want and make money on YouTube. Some of the commonly used and highly functional strategies to grow YouTube channel are outlined below.

1. Pick the right channel name and niche

One of the most important factors to grow YouTube channel is choosing the right channel name. Long, hard-to-read, don’t memorable names can make it difficult for the target audience to find you. To get in the way of this, it would be right to choose a name using words that categorize your name or interests.

Another important thing to do after choosing the right name is to choose a niche. To grow YouTube channel, you need to be consistent with yourself, shoot videos in a certain area, and present them to your target audience. In this way, you can get used to being viewed by people interested in that subject. Niche is important but can be changed later. However, there are some risks of changing niches later. These risks may include losing already earned subscribers, falling subscribers, and almost starting again from zero.

2. Optimize your profile

Optimizing your profile is also one of the key factors to grow YouTube channel. When choosing the channel name, feel free to use the right keywords when filling out the “About Me” section. The first step for this is to conduct keyword research on your niche and choose functional ones from among those words. Then you need to add these keywords to the first 48 squares in the “About Me” section, especially.

When you talk about yourself and your interests, you should not forget to use these keywords again. This will make it easier for you to show up in YouTube search results and rank at the top. This will be a factor that brings you more visitors in the direction of grow YouTube channel.

3. Use relevant keywords in video titles and descriptions

Just like Google, YouTube is a search engine and is very popular. This popularity has also made competition challenging. If you do not already have high Instagram followers or other similar social media platform, it is very difficult for you to appear in YouTube search results. For this reason, you will need to make some strategies for standing out and grow YouTube channel; one of them is the use of correct and relevant keywords.

In your keyword research, it is recommended to choose words that have a high search volume but little competition. It is recommended that you use these keywords in video titles and in video descriptions. In this way, your chances of falling in front of the people who are keying in the relevant keyword on the YouTube search result page will be greatly increased, which will grow YouTube channel.

4. Create videos optimized for watch time

Keeping people on YouTube is an important criterion, and it is the following that provides it. The longer the watch time is, the more valuable it is for the YouTube algorithm. The total duration of the channel is a factor that affects the ranking of the tops on the search result page and therefore should not be ignored. There are some points that you can pay attention to so that people can continue to watch your video.

For example, contrary to what is known, short videos are not always ideal for viewing. According to a study, long videos have been shown to attract more views. It is not surprising to get more views because the videos are long. For this reason, targeting videos lasting 5 minutes and up instead of 10 minutes can be useful for views and growing the YouTube channel.

Another important detail is to optimize the first 15 seconds of your video. YouTube highlights that the first 15 seconds are quite important, and the key to keeping people on video is this time. So, in the first 15 seconds, a short summary of the video or a short transition to what people will learn can be useful.

It will also be useful to use pattern interrupts in videos. Static videos that always go back to the same background at the same speed can squeeze people after a while. To avoid this, try to create pattern interrupts with visuals, different shooting sections, different angles, graphics about the subject you shoot video with, and animations. These types of videos have a higher watch time because the sections that will keep the viewer’s interest alive are given to the screen.

Finally, if you are giving information about a topic in the videos, it is better to write a script for yourself in advance instead of improvising. This makes it easier for you to stick to the scenario and move along the same line. Otherwise, you may have to seduce the videos too much, and you may lose your audience by deviating from the subject. With this and other details for the Grow YouTube channel, it is very important to optimize your video for watch time.

5. Use thumbnails that stand out

One of the simplest ways to grow YouTube channel is to use thumbnails. YouTube automatically takes a cut from your video and uses it, but this is not always a good option. The image may be blurry, irrelevant to the overall video, or uninteresting. Instead, thumbnails are much more useful for you to choose and create an engaging visual.

6. Turn viewers into subscribers

The increase in the number of views is not enough to grow the YouTube channel; the number of subscribers should also increase. It is important to produce engaging content at regular intervals, stay engaged with viewers, and make “Subscribe” reminders at the beginning and end of the video.

7. Build video playlists

Playlists are of great importance, and it is necessary to use them. When you make a playlist, the next video that users will watch is obvious, which is a factor that increases tracking. Moreover, YouTube tends to make this kind of content stand out. When creating playlists, you can group your videos by topic or create a series step by step.

8. Engage with your audience

Although YouTube is not exactly a social network, it offers many features that will make it easier for you to stay active with users. Using these features is very important to creating a loyal audience. Moreover, you can reach a wider audience by establishing a stronger bond. Responding to comments from your video and liking those comments is the easiest example. It is also very useful to give gifts, to start a challenge, or to offer advice.

9. Try YouTube Shorts

Videos uploaded in under 60 seconds are called YouTube shorts and are an excellent tool to reach more people. Shorts work like TikTok and allow users to watch short videos by scrolling. Therefore, creating videos lasting less than 60 seconds to promote your channel or trying to attract visitors with interesting content is very useful for growing your YouTube channel.

10. Try YouTube ads

In order to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience, it is possible to carry out a paid campaign as well as all these strategies. YouTube Ads offers many options with different campaign types. For example, display ads are ads that appear only on the right edge of the video on the desktop. Skippable and non-skippable video ads appear before, at, or at the end of a video. This ad must end for the user to watch the actual video.

There are many options for growing the YouTube channel, such as bumper ads, sponsored cards, or overlay ads. However, when these ads are not done correctly or there are too many, they can have an adverse effect instead of increasing views. To prevent this, the best way is to get advice from a performance marketing agency.

Enise Ürek

Enise Urek is a graduate of the English Language and Literature department. She has been working as a Performance Marketing Specialist at Cremicro since 2023.

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