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There are many strategies used in digital marketing to highlight websites and increase sales. The most important of these strategies is undoubtedly SEO. Link building, which forms the basis of SEO, is a direct way to ensure that the website stands out in search engines and attracts organic visitor traffic. In this strategy, the aim is to ensure that users are directed to them by getting links from other websites. The algorithm used by search engines to highlight the website also looks at the links received alongside a number of features and evaluates the quality and meaningful connections. The presence of the link is one of the factors that largely determine the top ranking of the website. For this reason, developing effective link building strategies are necessary for businesses to maintain their digital presence. At this stage, it is important to create an identity on each platform and spread the content over these platforms. By working with SEO agencies, it is possible to strengthen your link building strategies and speed up the process of achieving success.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a strategy used for websites. The content on the website is redirected through links to another website. The aim of this strategy is to increase both the value and reliability of the websites. Link building is often used in digital marketing. It is a very important strategy for SEO because these strategies form the basis of SEO. The number of links your website has determines how high it will rank on the search engine result page. For these reasons, it is a significant strategy that must be created with care.

Why are Link Building Strategies Important?

Being on the top of the search engine result page is crucial for a business to remain digital and increase its visibility. Link building strategies, which form the basis of SEO strategies, are of great importance for the growth of businesses. Google, Bing, and similar search engines also evaluate external links to the website to top up a web page. External links about quality and content are a factor that increases your chances of being in the top positions. In addition, the link from a known and reliable website indicates that your website is also reliable. In addition, links from high-traffic websites also bring organic visitors. In this way, the relevant users can reach the product or service you offer, and thus expand your customer base. In this way, you reach a wide audience more easily and you get brand awareness. Thus, correct and effective link building strategies will return to you positively.

Link Building Strategies

When preparing link building strategies, it is necessary to focus on natural and quality links, not as many links as possible. Otherwise, the incoming external links do not seem reliable and can be perceived as spam. That’s why you should pay attention to some details as follows when creating a strategy.

1. Use social media

Among link building strategies, social media is one of the indispensable strategies for creating links due to digital marketing. It is an effective medium to deliver content to a wider audience. Reaching your content to large audiences can also enable it to reach potential resources. In this way, it is possible to get links naturally through social media. In addition, increasing business awareness and commenting on other content by entering some communities on social media can be an effective method. It is also important to use Hashtags effectively and consider the natural links that will come from here.

2. Make Your Website More Visible

One condition to get links from other websites is to have rich content and brand awareness. Content that comprehensively addresses a topic can be seen as worth linking both in the algorithm of search engines and by the administrator of other websites. This content also indicates that your website is an adequate resource. In addition, it is important to increase visibility with SEO strategies. Standardizing all social media platforms and related websites where the business is located and conducting effective work in these areas is a necessary process for the link building strategy.

3. Keep Track of Your Links

No matter how important it is to get a link, it is more important to regularly check those links. By checking the links, you can track which sites give you links and how effective this link is. Related links from quality websites can affect the links that come to the alle if they affect you positively. That’s why the control phase is a very important step in the link building process.

4. Look at Competitors’ Links

Among link building strategies, studying competitors offering similar products or services to you is an important step for an effective strategy. With the links also known as backlinks, it is possible to see who links to competitors. These websites have the potential to be a source of links for you, that’s why it is important to analyze them well and understand what they want. It is also possible to understand what users are reading and what information they describe as a valuable resource. Trying to get links from the same sources by creating content based on SEO with the information you get here is one of the moves that will make your link building strategy a success.

5. Include Infographics

Creating an infographic is a logical move in every sense for the link building strategy. Preparing an interesting and simple graphic that visually summarizes all your content is a good tactic for sharing and spreading that chart. In this link building strategy, the aim is to deliver infographics to large audiences through platforms such as social media and thus get links from those concerned. It is also necessary to use these infographics in appropriate places among the text on your website. In this way, both texts are read more easily, and user experience is improved, and the chances of getting links as a reliable source are greatly increased.

6. Create Surveys

Creating an interesting survey is another way to get links from other websites. Regardless of the outcome of the survey, other websites are likely to link if they are remarkable and valuable. Other websites can share this information on their websites by referring to the results and by linking, so they can naturally contribute to your growth.

7. Release Data Studies

Among link building strategies, doing data studies closely related to your website may attract the attention of other websites. Meaningful data can show you more reliably, making it easier to get natural connections.

8. Use Resource Links

Waiting for links from other websites is not enough alone. It is important that you link the source web pages while creating content for your own website for a successful link building strategy. This is a strategy necessary for reliable detection of your website. In addition, the possibility of being noticed by the resources you link to and the possibility of getting a link from that source naturally increases. This link building strategy is especially ideal for content such as “how to do it” content.

9. Publish Link-Worthy Content

In order for the link building strategies to be successful, the content you create must be worth the link, original, and comprehensive. It is an ideal choice to use informative or guiding content related to the product or service you offer. This content should be well-planned, written in open and understandable language, and addressed in detail. In this way, you are more likely to get links from other websites by acting as a real resource because you have content worth refining.

10. Ask People You Know for Links

One of the most widely used strategies is to ask your acquaintances and friends in the industry to link you. Similarly, you can improve your mutual SEO strategies by giving them links. However, this strategy cannot always work well. Because the link you received needs to be quality and relevant to your content. A link from an irrelevant place can do more harm than good.

Link Building Strategy to Avoid

If you have learned how to create link building strategies, you should also check out what you should avoid. It is important to know what you need to do and what you avoid for an effective strategy. First of all, the link from every website does not benefit you, so you should avoid trying to get links from anywhere. Links from low-respected and uninterested content will also reduce your reliability and even affect your ranking in SERPs. Buying links is a common method to achieve success in the short term in the link building strategy, but it is a very risky mistake.

Organic connections are valuable connections. You are also likely to get a penalty if the artificial ones are noticed by the search engine. It is also recommended to avoid using a hidden link when giving a link. This negatively affects the user experience and can affect you negatively. It is an important detail that the links provided are clear.

It is important to keep in mind that you can achieve success in the long run, no matter which link building strategy you choose. Creating quality and original content throughout this process, choosing the right keywords, working with agencies such as performance marketing agencies, situations such as promoting your website, and increasing its visibility with an effective strategy can also be useful for speeding up the process.

Orkun Koksalan

Orkun Koksalan graduated from Istanbul Kultur University, Department of Electronics. He has been working as an SEO Specialist at Cremicro since 2022.

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