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Making money through affiliate programs is quite advantageous, especially if you have a large audience that you can reach. With the best affiliate programs, you can find the most suitable commission rate for yourself and the programs that appeal to your audience. In this way, you can find the opportunity to use your social media power effectively. Choosing the most accurate program for yourself can be difficult, so you can work with a digital marketing agency to maximize your earnings. You need professional guidance, especially if you are just starting affiliate marketing. With this professional orientation, you can choose the one that suits you best from the best affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is possible to make money by promoting a product. In this way, the method of making money is called affiliate marketing. In this marketing method, you get a certain commission by introducing someone else’s product or service. By sharing the products on your blog, YouTube account, or social media accounts, you have established a partnership with the seller. As a result of this partnership, you will receive a profit commission from the people who purchase the relevant product through the link you created. There are many programs you can use to form this kind of partnership. You need to make good use of the best affiliate programs you can choose for yourself.

Best Affiliate Programs to Earn Affiliate Income

There are different affiliate programs that you can use. You can choose an affiliate program that fits your goals for your business.

Amazon Associates

One of the highlights among the best affiliate programs is, of course, Amazon. If you already have an audience that you can influence, joining Amazon Associates will be quite advantageous for you. In this program, you need to prepare a link for the related products on Amazon. So, if your audience shops through this link, you will get a certain amount of commission. These commission rates can vary from 1% to 10% from category to category.


Etsy is also an e-commerce site that takes its place among the affiliate programs. It is known that it does not publish the commission rates per product transparently, but it varies between 4% and 8%. Payment is made by cash or check, and it is made monthly Since it has a 30-day cookie life, a commission is received from all sales made during this period. However, it is a program with a low percentage of sales among the best affiliate programs.


Another program with a high commission rate and a strong market reputation is Hostinger. This program takes its place among the best affiliate programs because the commission rate is around a minimum of 60%. It is quite easy to use, as it offers the opportunity to sign up quickly. The cookie life is 30 days, just like on Etsy, and payments occur 45 days after a purchase. The only downside is that you cannot get enough information about this program before signing up.

WP Engine

Another program that stands out in the field of hosting is WP Engine. You get $200 per sale from customers you direct directly to WP Engine and a 35% commission from those you direct to SudioPress. There are people you can reach for your possible questions and a control panel where you can easily control your redirects. You must make an application before you are included in this program. It is among the best affiliate programs, especially for bloggers.


GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar and is therefore very popular. This popularity is enough to put GoDaddy among the affiliate programs. The commission rate is 10% and does not set a minimum purchase limit for payment.


Buzzsprout is one of the best affiliate programs used to promote podcasts. The fact that the duration of cookies does not expire within a certain time makes this program advantageous. The fact that there are few products you can promote and low commission fees are among the cons of this program.


HubSpot is a powerful program that offers platforms in the fields of marketing, sales, and customer service. Commission rates are determined in three ways. It gives $250 for the initial level, $500 for the professional level, and $1000 for the enterprise level. Pay through PayPal, and payments occur on the 25th of the month. Although it is a remarkable program among the best affiliate programs, sometimes payments can be late.


Shopify is also among the most powerful e-commerce sites. It has two different plans to establish a partnership, and the commission fee varies according to each plan. Shopify Plus gives $2,000 to its redirects, while Adobe is also a very popular program that takes its place among the best affiliate programs. Compared to others, it is more difficult to set up, so you are likely to need support. It is easier to manage the process as there is a support team to answer every question.


Just like Shopify, BigCommerce is an e-commerce site that has great influence. Commission rates are quite ideal and offer the opportunity to collect the commission directly by bank transfer. The program is highly efficient and straightforward to set up. The cookie period is also ideal at 90 days. The payment range can exceed 1 month because the first condition for payment is the locking of the purchase.


Adobe is also a very popular program that takes its place among the best affiliate programs. Compared to others, it is more difficult to set up, so you are likely to need support. It is easier to manage the process as there is a support team to answer every question.


Astra is also a program that offers WordPress themes and many free template options. It provides up to 30% commission per sale. Earnings are relatively easy as there are many different WordPress themes. Payments take place every 45 days and there is a minimum limit of $210.


One of the best affiliate programs is Elemantor. It is highly functional as it offers many features to its users. It gives 50% commission per sale and has a minimum limit of $200 for payment.


One of the most popular among SEO vehicles is undoubtedly SEMRush. With its 40% commission rate, it has taken its place among the best affiliate programs. It makes payments both through direct transfer and through PayPal. Commission payments can be made 2 times a month, which is quite advantageous in this regard. The minimum balance for payment must be $50.


This tool, where you can create online tests, can be used for many purposes. The more the customer is connected, the more a monthly commission of 30% is given. The commission can vary depending on how many months each customer subscribes. The application may take a little longer to review. In addition, your balance must be a minimum of $25 before you can withdraw your money.


Affluent is a tool you can use to track your partnership campaigns. With this tool, you will be able to manage all your data from a single control panel. It is possible to receive 1002% of the first month’s commission. You can then get a 20% commission from the sales of the people you have included in the partnership. The minimum payment amount is $50.


Razer is a brand that appeals to players and offers equipment for players. The amount of commission varies by category. Especially if your target audience is players, Razer is the most suitable for you among the affiliate programs. 2 months of waiting for payments creates a disadvantage.


It is a tool used for accounting and billing. It provides $5 per person who comes with the link you created and starts a free trial, and $55 per paid subscription.


Among the online learning tools, Udemy is a very popular option. It offers education in many different fields for adults and students. The commission rate of this program is 15% and the minimum balance required for payment is $50. It has a low commission rate compared to other programs.


TripAdvisor is a popular travel app. It is one of the best affiliate programs for you if the audience you address follows you for your travel suggestions and experiences. It gives a commission of 50% on income and the payment takes place by check. Anyone applying for this program may not be approved.

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