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These days when digital ads are prominent, there are two popular platforms. Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads is often compared. Both platforms mediate advertisements that stand out in different areas and provide a wide range of benefits. Many factors must be considered when choosing between these two. For this reason, it is useful to pay attention to the details in this article before making a choice for your website and brand. Or you can get information from a Google Ads agency.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is an advertising platform for ads that appear on both Google search results page and other websites. There are many different options for ads in different formats. It is possible to go out to the advertisement with video or retractive contents. It consists of different types such as search ads, display network, video ads, Google shopping ads or app ads. Each of them includes separate strategies for websites to stand out.

What is Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)?

Microsoft Advertising is known as a pay-per-click platform. Bing is advertised in the search engine and its partner in other networks. The operating logic is similar to Google Ads and is a good option for increasing the visibility of websites. Microsoft Ads stands out from advertising not only through Bing but also through Yahoo and AOL within Microsoft. In terms of demographic information, it also addresses a high level of income and age.

How Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads Work?

Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads has a working principle in almost a similar way. Advertising can be created on both advertising platforms in line with keywords targeting. Both platforms provide a detailed report and analysis tools for advertisers. This enables advertisers to optimize and improve their advertising. Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads generally shows differences in the areas such as target audience, demographic situation, daily budget of the advertisement and offers.

Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads

Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads comparison can be done on many different factors, but the following factors are very important in terms of how ads work. Both platforms stand out in some of these factors. This information is important because it depends on the goals of the advertiser to choosing between Microsoft Advertising, vs. Google Ads, and these factors give you an idea of which of the ads is functional.

1. Demographics

Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads are two platforms that differ demographically. Google is a platform that can reach a much wider and diverse audience, but Microsoft’s power is also negligible. Microsoft Ads is an excellent choice for an older audience, especially with a high income level. In the ad campaign you want to carry out, it will be useful to continue the advertisement through that platform, whichever category your target audience is in.

2. Targeting Options

Targeting options are often similar to both platforms. Targeting options in campaigns run by Google provide categories such as demographics, affinity, in-markets, similar audiences, remarketing, or keywords. Microsoft Ads has targeting options such as in-market, LinkedIn, keywords, location, age, certain days of the week, special audiences. While it is possible to give more general ads through Google, it is possible to create ads for specific target audiences with Microsoft. For example, with Microsoft’s LinkedIn profile targeting, the target audience can be categorized according to specific companies or sectors. This is especially important for corporate advertising.

3. PPC Ad Formats

PPC advertising refers to pay-per-click on ads. Especially responsive search ads and shopping ads are included in this category. Responsive search ads are ads in which more than one title and description line is entered. According to the user’s query, the most compatible title and description appear to the user as an advertisement. Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads also works similarly in responsive network ads. In shopping ads, Google stands out one step. This is because it creates space for product listing. In this way, it is possible to add information and increase the click-through for the products in the search query. Although Google offers more possibilities, Microsoft is also simple to set up.

4. Ad Performance

Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads also differs in terms of ad performance. Click-through-rate (CTR) is around 2.83% for Google and 3.17% for Microsoft. When it comes to cost-per-click (CPC), Microsoft is more affordable. This is because Google has a lot of competition. In terms of conversion rate (CVR), Google has an average rate of 3.75%, while Microsoft has a ratio of 2.94%. Cost-per-action (CPA) is 15% lower in Microsoft than Google. The reason is that the target audience of Microsoft is older and the level of education and income is high.

What Do Microsoft Ads and Google Ads Have in Common?

Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads is two separate digital advertising platforms that have many common features. One of these common characteristics is keyword targeting. It is quite easy to reach the desired target audience with the right keyword selection. For this reason, both platforms focus on keywords. Another common feature is that both platforms support different ad formats. While using Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads, it is possible to create ads in different formats, such as text, images, and shopping ads. Conversion tracking and budget control are also possible with both platforms. It provides functional tools that can be used for conversion tracking, making it easier for advertisers to monitor the performance of ads. Moreover, advertisers using both platforms have control over the total budget of the daily or total.

Microsoft Advertising Benefits

There are some areas in the Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads comparison where Microsoft stands out and is advantageous. Among them, the most advantageous factor in Microsoft is undoubtedly low competition. Google is the most popular search engine, and while it is so advantageous, it makes competition difficult. With Bing, it is possible to do keyword targeting with a lower bit budget. In addition to this, the search engine Bing is widely used by people who have a high education level and are older. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for such a target audience. It stands out not only demographically, but also through LinkedIn integration. The difference between Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads is that Microsoft support LinkedIn integration and offers the opportunity to advertise by certain companies or sectors. There are also adaptive ad formats that make ads appear compatible on different devices.

Google Ads Benefits

Google is the most preferred search engine of all time, so advertising can be advantageous in many ways. With great popularity and usage rates all over the world, Google makes it easy to reach a wider and more diverse audience through ads. It also offers the possibility to use analytical tools as it works with Google Analytics. It is also quite advantageous thanks to the possibility of advertising in another powerful search engine such as YouTube. The advertisements given here are especially useful for video content. It also makes it easier to create more specific ads with advanced targeting options. While both Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads offer an effective report and analysis, Google Ads provide conversion tracking and optimization. This makes it much easier to track the performance of ads.

Should You Advertise on Google or Microsoft?

Choosing between Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads is actually difficult as it is because it is two advertising platforms that are similar in many ways. How to run a campaign when choosing between the two and the target audience is of great importance. While Microsoft is much more advantageous for corporate campaigns, Google can stand out in campaigns created for online shopping. For this reason, your budget and target audience will guide you in making this choice. No matter which advertising platform you choose, there will be many important details to consider. For this reason, it will be appropriate to consult a performance marketing agency to make the right choice.

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