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Creating a good strategy also involves choosing the right measurement tool. You have to measure to see how successful the strategies you have created on social media platforms are. It makes it easy for you to perform Facebook analytics tools and data analysis at this stage. Competitor analysis allows you to easily access many important information such as followers’ demographic information and interaction rates. It is also possible to obtain detailed insights and suggestions with Facebook analytics tools. Choosing the tool that offers the most appropriate analysis for your brand can be quite difficult because each tool contributes to your growth by offering different features. For this reason, it is much more logical to determine your best social media strategy and measurement tool by working with a performance marketing agency. This article examines the 10 most preferred and best-performing tools.

What Do Facebook Analytics Tools Do?

It is very important to learn how the strategies you have created overlap with your goals.  Because what cannot be measured cannot be managed and therefore cannot be improved.  For this reason, the Facebook analytics tool is of great importance. Using these tools to see the points that are good in your strategy and need to be developed is highly functional.  These measurements include many data such as interaction rates, clicks, and views. In addition, information such as who sees your content, the demographic information of those who see it, and at what times your audience is most active, is thus obtained. To create an effective social media strategy, it is necessary to take advantage of the features of Facebook analytics tools.

Top 10 Facebook Analytics Tools

There are many Facebook Analytics tools you can use, so it can be difficult to choose which one might be useful to you. These tools make it easy to analyze the performance, interactions, and much more of your posts and ads. Therefore, it is indispensable for an effective social media strategy. Below-mentioned top 10 Facebook analytics tools have the power to guide you correctly in the areas you need.

1.  Keyhole

Keyhole is one of the most common tools among Facebook analytics tools. Besides Facebook, it offers its analysis of the relevant brand on its various platforms, it is quite functional in this aspect. Offering a very comprehensive analysis, this tool has some prominent features. For example, it is possible to see who is talking about your brand and the content of these conversations through sentiment analysis. In this way, you have an idea of which position your reputation is in. In addition, thanks to competitor analysis, it is possible to compare your performance with competitors. In addition, the data support it offers contributes to your growth strategies with suggestions. Sharing time can guide you correctly with suggestions made at key points such as the number of words to be used.

2.  SocialPilot

Another Facebook analytics tool is SocialPilot. This social media marketing tool provides valuable data in many areas such as collaboration, ad management, and planning. Its prominent features include providing analysis of your content with high performance and interaction. Thanks to these analyses, it is possible to see how you can reach a larger audience by creating similar content. It makes it easy to get reports of Facebook analytics in PDF, so you can share this data with both your teammates and other interested people.

3.  Rival IQ

Although Rival IQ has many features, it basically provides information based on competitor analysis. It provides the ability to follow not only Facebook but also many different platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It facilitates data analysis by controlling data such as likes, comments, and interaction rates from one place. It also provides comprehensive reports on competitors, allowing you to shape your future strategies. It provides a comprehensive report on data such as what competitors do, where they are, and how you compare with them. This tool is a tool that prioritizes growth from Facebook analytics tools and focuses directly on competitors.

4.  Oktopost

If you are looking for a tool that directly appeals to the B2B industry, Oktopost is the most accurate for you among Facebook analytics tools. It is possible to watch your target audience on Facebook and other platforms. By presenting mass analyses, it is possible to see how the brand is mentioned or how much followers have grown. It is quite ideal for tracking conversions because it has data showing which ad a new customer came from.

5.  Brand24

One of the ideal tools used to track discussions about the brand is Brand24. With this tool, it is possible to track at what times the brand name was mentioned more and at what times the rate of mention decreased. In this way, it provides the ability to regularly follow the discussion volume chart. It can also be used to see how individual users talk about the brand and its impact.

6.  Social Status

Social Status tracks all kinds of data for your brand and is quite powerful.  It is an ideal tool for multi-channel reporting. With Facebook Ad performance, it is possible to compare your performance on other platforms. It is possible to get detailed reports about the content you have prepared and the ads you have created. In this way, it is easier for you to measure success and develop your strategy. In addition, it has the ability to compare your brand’s performance with your competitors.

7.  Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is one of the most ideal measurement tools available to analyze basic data. To use this completely free tool, all you need to do is connect your Facebook account to the business account. Graphs showing the monthly and weekly performance of the relevant page are available. In addition, there is detailed demographic information about your followers, such as age, gender, most active hours, and the region in which they live.

8.  Mention

Mention is a tool that provides comprehensive information, just like other Facebook Analytics tools. The interaction rate includes analysis of demographic information such as graphics, age, language, and location. Ideal for finding constantly updated historical data.

9.  SharedCount

SharedCount is a very popular site and attracts attention with its easy use.  You can instantly analyze data with the URL you paste on the search bar. It is an ideal and practical tool to track interactions such as likes, sharing, and interpretation.

10.  Meta Business Suite

Facebook Analytics used within the platform closed in 2021 and Meta Business Suite was offered instead. This tool is one of the most ideal tools used to manage Facebook and Instagram data from the same location. It is possible to track and manage your performance for both Facebook and Instagram posts from the same place. In addition, it is an ideal tool to follow trends. Completely free, this Facebook Analytics tool makes it easy to access the demographic information of your target audience, just like other tools.

Enise Ürek

Enise Urek is a graduate of the English Language and Literature department. She has been working as a Performance Marketing Specialist at Cremicro since 2023.

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