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Kompozit Pazari achieved

341% increase in clicks 2.89% higher conversion rate with Cremicro.


Kompozit Pazari is an e-commerce site founded in 2020, serving the polymer composite industry with a wide product range of resin and fiber raw materials, auxiliary chemicals, machines and hand tools.

The brand allows manufacturers to purchase products as much as they need, and allows those in need to purchase small quantities on a pallet basis. It enables small-scale workshops devoted to the polymer composite industry to purchase exactly the amount they will use within their own means. It aims to be a company that provides services to the most remote regions of Türkiye, where people want to turn their ideas into products but it is difficult to reach the product.

“When our brands needed professional digital agency support, we decided to work with Cremicro after interviews with many agencies. 2.5 years have passed and we continue to receive services on new projects, constantly feeling that our first decision was correct.

They are competent in technical matters, so when we encounter problems, we can find solutions by going into detail. In our creative work, we can produce visual media that reflects the spirit of the brand with approaches parallel to the essence of our brands. It is pleasing to feel the power of Cremicro behind our brands and see the results.”

Business Challenge

When Kompozit Pazari came to us, they were trying to increase clicks in site traffic and e-commerce sales. We found it to be due to a lack of SEO with a quick site audit. The site’s problems included:

  • Lack of redirects
  • Non-optimized titles, H1s and meta descriptions
  • Crawl budget spent on low value pages
  • Not optimized images
  • Lack of content on category pages

Our team set out to:

  • Improved on-site SEO optimization.
  • Unbranded search engine increased its visibility.
  • Images have been optimized.
  • Focused on SEO for category pages.
Google Search Console
Google Analytics

Work began in October 2021. A year later, Kompozit Pazari had +341% clicks and +669% impressions for non-branded keywords.

Solution 01: Site Audit

We conducted a Semrush Site Audit and provided a definitive list of suggested improvements for:

  • Duplicate content
  • Meta descriptions are missing, others are too long or too short
  • JavaScript issues
  • Broken links
  • Cannibalization
  • 404 errors
Site Audit

Solution 02: Competitor Research

While implementing the changes to the website, our team was keeping an eye on their direct competitors. They were particularly interested in their traffic insights, such as:

  • Estimated monthly traffic
  • Traffic sources
  • Top keywords

Most of Kompozit Pazari’s competitors are lenders with high brand awareness. Using the Semrush Domain Overview, our team assesses how much of their traffic comes from branded and unbranded search. Then it focuses on competitors with high unbranded traffic.

We then reviews a competitor’s top-performing pages and the keywords they rank for. Our team regularly repeats this process to identify new competitors in the industry.

Branded - Non Branded
Semrush Organic Research

Solution 03: Position Tracking

Our team also uses this tool to monitor the core keyword performance of the Kompozit Pazari on a daily basis.

We also tracked page rankings to make sure category content gets organic attention.

Position Tracking

Solution 04: Removing Toxic Backlinks

Finally, our team analyzed the backlinks provided to the site and blocked backlinks deemed toxic. In this way, the spam score of the site was reduced.


The Results

“About this process, Haydar Ozkomurcu, the founder of the agency, says: “We achieved a great success for the Kompozit Pazari with the SEO strategies we developed thanks to Semrush. The coordination between our SEO experts and the managing partner of the brand, Oktay Turan, was very good.”

Since the launch of SEO in June 2021, Kompozit Pazari has published more than 50 new category content optimized for SEO and has published more than 15 blog. In addition, although there were problems in fixing many infrastructure-related errors, we fixed many technical problems by constantly communicating with the infrastructure provider.

After just one year of intense content efforts, by October 2022 the Kompozit Pazari began to see incremental growth:


increase in visibility


increase in conversion rate


increase in transactions


increase in revenue

The Team Behind Success


Orkun Koksalan

SEO Expert

Selen Çetin

Selen Cetin

SEO Expert

Nil Ohri

Nil Ohri

SEO Expert

Zeynep Aydın

Zeynep Aydin

Content Specialist

Zehra Duygu Asarlı

Zehra Duygu Asarli


Nur Yilmaz

Nur Yilmaz


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