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The brand achieved

3.338% increase in impression 2.933% higher conversion rate with Cremicro.

Business Challenge

When we first met the brand, we encountered a company that was just opening up to the digital world and was looking for help on this path. Before we started advertising, we first encountered certain problems.

  • There are no suitable landing pages on which we can advertise.
  • Website speed was at a level that negatively affected advertising health.

Our team set out to:

  • We created landing pages suitable for the campaigns and ad groups we determined as a result of our keyword research.
  • By increasing the speed of the website, we took precautions against the negative impact of advertising and potential costs.

Work began in July 2021. Two years later, the brand experienced a +2.933% increase in lead rates.

Solution 01: Google Ads

We researched keywords to draw a line between us and B2C training companies for Google search ads. Since the brand is a B2B business, we had to sharply differentiate our search ads from companies like Udemy.

From the very beginning of the process, we observed our competitors, examined which channels they were in, which words they advertised on, what language they used, and worked to make a difference in the industry.

While we closely monitored our ads, we regularly improved our landing pages by using tools such as Hotjar and Optinmonster. In this way, we managed to direct the traffic we attracted in the most efficient way and increase conversion rates.

google ads

Solution 02: Meta Ads

Our advertising operation, which started with Google ads, has also turned to meta channels to capture our potential audiences. There has been a significant increase in our conversion rates, especially as a result of the successful campaigns we ran on Meta.

At this stage our team:

  • Various visual design studies were carried out to suit the corporate image and target audience.
  • Among these variations, we determined the group that gave the best performance using the A/B testing technique.
  • We adapted the design language of this group to the visual designs throughout the ongoing process, always preserving the corporate image.
  • Throughout the process, various text & visual combinations were continued to increase performance according to the feedback received from the target audience.
  • We updated the designs periodically to prevent creative fatigue and keep the audience dynamic.
meta ads education

Solution 03: LinkedIn Ads

The success of our work on Google and Meta Ads has enabled us to expand our advertising channels. The fact that the brand’s target audience is on LinkedIn enabled our team to start LinkedIn advertising.

In this process, we targeted the job titles of our target audience. This way, we reached the right people.

linkedin ads

The Results

“About this process, Haydar Özkömürcü, the founder of the agency, says: “We achieved a great success for the brand with the ads strategies we developed. The coordination between our performance marketing experts and the Senior Consultant of the brand was very good.”

Since the launch of digital ads in July 2021, 223 advertising campaigns have been set up. During this process, many different ad types were tried and improvements were made.

After two years of intensive advertising, as of November 2023, the brand began to see incremental growth:


increase in visibility


increase in conversion rate


increase in clicks


decrease in CPC

The Team Behind Success

Gülce Genç

Gulce Genc

Growth Manager

Enise Urek

Performance Marketing E.

Mehmet Recep Yüksel

Mehmet Recep Yuksel

Graphic Design Expert

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